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Brightview Radiology is a national full-service teleradiology provider that interprets final, non-emergent reports for X-ray, MR, CT, ultrasound and B-Reads. We also provide radiology managed services for customers that want a single source to manage their equipment, services, compliance, staffing, and reports.

Detailed, decisive, quality radiology reports are turned around as needed to meet the specific turn around requirements of our clients.

Our customers are non-traditional radiology providers that offer diagnostic imaging services onsite such as urgent care clinics, occupational health clinics, and government facilities. We understand their unique operations, needs, workflow and service requirements, and we customize our service and workflow offering to meet their needs.

Founded in 1991 by Joseph Gottesman, M.D., and headquartered in New York City, we have served more than 150 clients across multiple states and interpreted more than 1 million X-ray.

We have several client relationships that have lasted for more than 15 years, because we provide them with great services, make their lives easier and act as their radiology partner.  Brightview Radiology enables our customers to focus on doing what they do best—caring for their patients, while we handle their radiology needs.

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