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TechXrayBrightview Radiology provides a complete range of on-site and remote services to manage everything related to the delivery of your radiology services in compliance with all applicable city, state and federal regulations.

From staffing, imaging and report delivery to radiation safety, equipment management and quality assurance, Brightview Radiology has the expertise and a proven methodology to make your radiology service successful and efficient while providing quality care to your patients and employees.

Our radiology service management offering starts with a full on-site analysis to understand your specific requirements, workflow, operation, patient care protocols and service philosophy.  Then we create a customized model for how best to manage your radiology program, which incorporates best practices to review with you before we start the implementation process.  We constantly look for ways in which to improve our processes as well.

Our extensive experience in providing radiology services for a diverse group of more than 150 clients has enabled us to develop systems and processes to consistently deliver services that are tailored to the specific needs of each client, yet also remain easy from our clients’ involvement standpoint.

Outsourcing radiology can mean a more economical model for your health clinic compared to staffing and managing this program on your own. It also enables you to focus on other operational areas while having the confidence of knowing your radiology services are being delivered by experienced professionals that are focused on patient care and quality.

Radiology service management offering includes:

  • On-site / remote radiologist
  • On-site technologist
  • Scheduling
  • Radiology workflow system (RIS, PACS, etc.)
  • Radiology workflow processes
  • Modality connectivity / systems integration
  • Modality / equipment selection
  • Modality / equipment maintenance
  • Scanning protocols
  • Radiology facilities management
  • Quality assurance / reporting
  • Regulatory compliance / reporting
  • Documentation
  • Training
  • Medical record storage
  • KPI metrics / management reporting
  • Billing

Brightview Radiology can manage everything or just specific components of your radiology service. Contact us today to learn more about how we manage our clients programs.