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work flow chartWorking with Brightview Radiology is easy because we have a flexible process. We spend time upfront with every client to get acquainted with them and analyze their needs in order to customize our setup, workflow, report delivery and support services to meet those needs.

This customized approach is what differentiates Brightview Radiology and allows us to truly make radiology delivery easy for our clients. We utilize a combination of proprietary and industry leading systems to automate, review and manage radiology information, images and reports.

Clients do not have to submit any paperwork or complete an online form to order a radiology report. The order and patient information needed is collected via a DICOM modality connection.

A patient’s prior images, when needed to conduct a detailed and thorough interpretation, are shared either by a picture archiving and communications system (PACS) or by hard copy delivery, based on the number of images and the client’s preferred method.

Reports are distributed online via a HIPAA-compliant system, or by fax or mail based on the client’s preferred method.

Brightview Radiology works with clients to develop custom integrations to third-party systems such as Electronic Healthcare Records as needed.

Clients are billed on a monthly fee-per-report basis.

Workflow for our radiology managed services offering is more comprehensive than teleradiology only services, since we execute and manage all steps of the radiology delivery process – staffing, scanning, report interpretation and delivery, modality vendor and IT management, and image storage. Our analysis process, however, is the same. We first spend time understanding the objectives and current/desired situation of our client, and then develop the appropriate customized service model and workflow that meets our client’s needs.

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